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Don't Be Afraid of Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising

Posted by Roy Pattillo on Thu, Jul 13, 2017

One of the most effective ways you can market your company's services is through paid search advertising - also known as "pay per click" (PPC).  Keep reading to learn more about how PPC can benefit your business, and how to get started...

GoogleAdWords.jpgRunning ads on Google Adwords and Bing AdCenter allows you to select the phrases or keywords that should trigger your ad to show to the person performing the search. When these campaigns are set up and managed correctly, they can send high quality, targeted traffic to a company's website

Some business owners hesitate to use pay per click advertising because they're unsure about how it works. But few marketing vehicles have the ability to quickly send targeted traffic that PPC can - so it'll benefit you to learn the basics.

Simply put, in a PPC campaign, you tell Google how much you wish to spend over a specific time period to list your ads at the top of the organic search listings. When someone clicks on your ad, you the current Cost Per Click (CPC) is withdrawn from your budget by Google. Once your entire budget for that time period has been spent, Google stops running your ads until you replenish your fund or next time period begins.

So, how Much Does Pay-Per-Click Cost?  Some clicks are less than $1 and others could be over $50. Cost per click varies - and as you can imagine, cost is dictated by supply and demand along with the keyword and geographic location you're targeting.  For example, if you're a pencil company that only sells purple pencils, you can get that click pretty inexpensively. It's a low-margin product, and a rarely searched for product. So you can imagine that the inverse is true as well.  So if you're a purveyor of a high margin item that is searched for frequently, expect to pay at the higher end for a click.  

Also, if you're not interested in learning how to run an AdWords campaign yourself, there will be an additional part of your PPC expense: You'll need to hire someone to manage your PPC campaign. And that's where Smart Link Solutions comes in...If you are ready to begin pay per click advertising, then contact us. Our skilled, professional staff is ready to help and will work with you to create an effective, targeted campaign.



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