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The Importance of Social Media Marketing

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Why Blogging Is Important for Your Website

Many local businesses are not receiving enough value from their websites. Their web design company did the technical build-out using good SEO practices correctly. Moreover, the business has captured the Google My Business page and validated information in local directories. However, the business has found that their organic search traffic is coming mainly from people who either already know them, or they were discovered by a "near me" search with limited keywords. Their website is just not capturing enough of their target, and is little more than an online roadside billboard. How can a local business attract more local eyes to their website, build their brand awareness, and develop prospects?

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Are You Managing Your Business's Online Reviews and Reputation?

You've probably heard the saying, "once something is on the internet, it's there forever".  That's why negative online reviews can hurt your business. Big time.  The majority of people use Google as their starting point when researching a product or service, so your business's online presence and reputation means everything. A business that doesn't proactively manage their online reputation faces an uphill battle to attract new customers. 

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Why Pay Per Click (PPC) Delivers ROI For Your Business

Why is Pay Per Click (PPC) Marketing A Worthy Investment?

As a business owner, you may overcomplicate thinking behind this question, the answers are quite simple.

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Targeted Landing Pages Work

Are you considering all of the options your brand has for better servicing people who aren't in your area? Think about it.

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Local Search Optimization: Three Tips to Bring in the Masses

As technology has become a more veritable way to connect businesses with their customers, the race to hold the top result spot on search engines like Google have begun. As it would happen, local searches make up almost 75% of online activity, according to Google. People want to know what businesses are near them, and what quality of service they provide. Here are three big tips to Local Search Optimization.

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What a huge announcement regarding Facebook Live Video!

Coming soon, Facebook will offer a new “Page Role” option.  Page Administrators will be able to add a Live Contributor’s role to a Fan Page.  The contributing role will allow individuals the ability to provide Facebook Live videos without gaining or needing administration rights.  Administrators can view the live video during the performance from the video library and edit or end the feed, all while retaining control of the security and maintenance of the page.

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Have a Wonderful Holiday and Prosperous 2017!

The joys of the holiday season has us thinking of how grateful we are for each of our clients.

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Happy Thanksgiving from Smart Link Solutions!

Wishing you and your family a safe and blessed Thanksgiving!

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Are You Using Facebook “Live” for Business Marketing?

In 2015, Facebook Live was offered to public figures and eventually hit the US market in early 2016. The huge shift of live video coming from Periscope and Snapchat has Facebook stepping up their game. Unlike others, Facebook video does not disappear in 24 hours, although you can choose to delete the broadcast.

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