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Why Your Website Needs to be Responsive

Posted by Roy Pattillo on Thu, Jun 01, 2017

By now you have probably at least heard of responsive website design. But like many people you may be wondering exactly what responsive design is and why your website needs to incorporate it.

What responsive web design is

Responsive website design is a structure or layout that changes or adapts dynamically based on the size and type of device viewing the website. Responsive websites typically incorporate multiple responsive elements. For example, a responsive website might have a navigation menu that collapses into a small clickable "hamburger menu" on smart phones. Images scale down based on the size of the viewing window. In more sophisticated responsive designs, tables of data collapse into a format that makes sense when viewing on cellular devices. 

Responsive design is the hybrid of two common design styles popular a number of years ago. A few years ago, you basically had two options for laying out your website: 1. Fixed width or 2. variable width. 

Each had its advantages and disadvantages. Variable width websites worked pretty well for small to medium-sized viewing windows, but in larger monitors images could become distorted and text could be difficult to read. 

Fixed width worked well for most desktop devices, but did a very poor job serving the needs of those viewing the site on tablets or phones.

It was clear that something more was needed. Enter responsive website design. Responsive design presents visitors to your website with different versions of the site based on the size and type of device they are using.

What are the Benefits of Responsive Design?

As previously mentioned, responsive design presents a better overall user experience for visitors to your website. A second, often overlooked benefit is improved search engine ranking.

If you perform a search on a mobile device using Google, websites that do not have a mobile version are automatically penalized and show up farther down in the results.

So, to recap: Why should your website incorporate responsive design? Because you care about the experience of your customers who visit your site. If you would like to schedule a website consultation, or would like more information about responsive design,  contact us today.



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