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Social Media Marketing Mistakes to Avoid (Part 1)

Posted by Karen Martin on Thu, May 04, 2017

Social media marketing is only one component of a successful marketing campaign. Yet, social media is opening doors of opportunity that, at a minimal cost, will expand your reach beyond your wildest dreams. We’re putting you on notice now: If you want to remain current and relevant, you need a social media marketing plan working for you. We can help with that but today we would like to share some common social media mistakes that you should avoid.

  • No Social Media Strategy

What? No social media strategy? Do you have funeral insurance? Because as sure as ashes to ashes and dust to dust, your business will soon need a tombstone marker. Surprisingly, in the 21st century, there are still some businesses that do not take advantage of the brand exposure that social media affords. A unique voice, measurable goals, distinct web design, written social media policy, and a social media calendar are starting points for a successful social media marketing strategy. Posting content needs to be a part of your daily operation. Haphazard, random posting is like shooting arrows willy-nilly into the ocean.

  • Too Much Social Media

In the early stages of your social media campaign, maintaining more than one or two platforms with original compelling, up to the minute content is a demanding, taxing, time-consuming task. Consider outsourcing your marketing campaign to a company who has the skills and know-how to manage multiple social media platforms. If you’re flying solo, create a Facebook platform and stick with that until you feel comfortable enough to expand your exposure. Another problem social media managers face is finding the time to remove old, outdated content. Old content is penalized by Google search engine spiders and affects your Search Engine Results Page (SERP).

  • Fake Followers

Who cares how many likes or followers you have on your boat? What difference does it make to you or anyone else if you have one million Twitter followers or half-million likes on your Facebook page if you’re not generating leads and conversions? Paid fake followers produce no leads, no conversions, no shares, nothing. It’s like playing with monopoly money. Instead, strive to attract real followers one person at a time. Build lasting relationships instead of focusing on numbers that have the same meaning as clouds that do not produce rain.

  • Excessive Bragging

As you post content, try not to talk too much about your brand. This becomes similar to a hard-sell and social media is not the place consumers are looking for that type of interaction. Sharing and commenting on other relevant websites opens up a network of possibilities for your brand. Social media is designed to enhance and open doors of communication.

Be on the lookout for our next article on some more social media mistakes to avoid. Contact Smart Link Solutions for more information and a time when we can get together to discuss your social media marketing needs.  



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