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Top 5 Benefits of Your Business Having a Blog

Blogging isn't used strictly for sharing your personal thoughts and opinions. While this was initially the purpose of blogs, this medium has since evolved into something much greater. Today, businesses of all shapes and sizes are using blogs to engage with their target audience. Just check out some of the top benefits of business blogging listed below.

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The Importance of Having a Blog for Your Business

Every business owner and entrepreneur should have an active blog. It's a simple and effective way to drive traffic, showcase new products, and establish yourself as an authority figure. But this is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the importance of blogging.

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Blog Submission: Criteria To Have

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Why Blog Writing Is Important for Business

When you own a business, it can be difficult to take the time for blog writing, but don't dismiss the importance of keeping a business blog just because it doesn't seem to directly relate to selling your product or service. Blogs have an important function for every business.

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How Blog Submission Adds Meat to the Bones of your Website

If you want your website to be the face of your business and not just window dressing, you need to keep it current with a frequent blog submission. Your website is probably limited to a few pages, and may not require frequent changes. On the other hand, web search engines specifically seek out up-to-date and quality content.

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3 Quick Tips for Faster Blog Writing

Content is integral when it comes to blog maintenance. Without your blog being routinely updated, you will find that your traffic will waiver. Search engines may also take into account of your updating frequency when it comes to search engine ranking. Even if you are particularly passionate about your blog's niche, you might find that the process of conjuring a compelling blog post that will inspire and motivate can be tiresome and even a bit intimidating. However, there are a few tools and techniques that will not only improve the frequency of your blog's updates, but will also improve your blog writing speed.

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Why Blog Writing for Your Business Is Essential

In the world of online marketing, it’s an open and shut case.  Blog writing is an accepted practice that any marketer would recommend for a business.  The ability to connect to an audience, inform and engage them, and bring more people to a website is simply too good to pass up – and it ultimately leads to more business.

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3 Tips That Will Boost Your Social Media Presence.

Social media (Facebook Twitter, Pinterest, etc..) is universally considered one of the most important parts of a company or brand’s marketing platform. Anyone who is not using social media is essentially missing out on a free tool that can touch thousands and thousands of social media users. But in the race to use this free tool, it seems that many have forgotten the original purpose of social media.


Social media sites like Facebook were not started as a marketing vehicle – they were about making connections and opening channels of communication. Companies that forget this use their social media pages to only post about themselves, resulting in social media pages filled with posts like this:


“Come to our event.”


“Use our product.”


“We’re doing this, this and this!”


This says to the social media user, Me me me – not You you you; that is why this approach is one of the biggest mistakes a company can make on social media. Instead of using social media purely for self-promotion, companies should really aim to reach out to social media users and to build a community of fans around their products or brand by making most of their content about their followers, rather than about themselves.


A good way to help do this is to post three specific types of content on your social media platforms:

  • Post industry-related tidbits of information or multimedia on your social media. Imagine for a minute that you’re managing an auto dealership’s social media. Instead of posting about the company’s discounted tire sale for the fifth time this week, you could mention that a new model of car is being worked on and ask what your fans think of it. You could share a video of an interview with a famous racecar driver. You could even post a picture of a great classic car that was preserved or restored. The point of this example is this: depending on the page you’re managing, your goal is always to post tailored content featuring trivia or pictures that your particular fans will enjoy.
  • Monitor your social media pages for feedback from customers. Many customers will go to social media to voice their happiness or anger after an experience. Don’t ignore them. Use your social media as a customer service platform and reach out to your customers, thanking them for their loyalty or asking what you can do to help them. It will inspire followers who see just how much your company cares.
  • Be involved in the local community – through social media. Is something happening in the local community? Post about it! News, special events, school district announcements – all of these are important to the individuals in your area. Posting about them earns you brownie points with the entire community. How? Think of this example: if you mention a special event at the library, you’ve given the library a little extra publicity while also encouraging your fans to see you as a company that cares about what’s happening in the community.


Using these three types of posts, rather than simply promoting your company and deals, will lead to more interaction and thus to a stronger, better social media community that supports your company or brand.


Need more advice about boosting your Social Media presence? Call us today!
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