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6 Tips for Building Stronger Customer Loyalty

How many purchases does the average customer make at your business? If the majority of customers only make a single purchase, at which point they are never to be seen or heard from again, it's usually indicative of poor loyalty. You can build stronger customer loyalty by following these steps.

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Where Am I Going Wrong With Digital Marketing??

Many digital marketers view their business as a "numbers game". The idea is, if you email enough people with your offer, a certain percentage of them will buy. So, if one person out of every 250 you email to buys your $97 product, you could infer that by emailing 25,000 people, you'd make $9,700. That's all well and good, I suppose...


But what about the 24,900 on your list who didn't buy? Why didn't they buy? Could it be because they have absolutely no interest in you or your offer? I dare say that's probably true of the vast majority of them. And, if that's the case, I would pose this question:


Wouldn't you make more money if you filled your email list with people who are very likely to love your offer? The obvious answer is; "yes". But it also begs the follow-up question:


How do you fill your email list with people who are likely to love your offer?


By knowing your ideal customer. By knowing your ideal customer, you'll be better able to specifically target all your marketing efforts toward them. That will make your marketing much more effective.


Here are some questions you should answer in order to build your ideal customer profile:

  • Are they male of female?
  • What is their age?
  • What is there level of education?
  • What is their marital status?
  • What is their monthly income?
  • What are their hobbies?
  • What are their problems?
  • What are their goals?
  • Where do they hang-out online?
  • Who markets to them?
  • What problems are addressed in that marketing?
  • What benefits are described in that marketing?


You may have noticed that we're not asking whether your ideal client "needs" your product. We see advertising online all the time that claims something like; "Everyone needs this WhizBang Super Juice, blah, blah, blah...". The problem with thinking everyone needs your product is you failed to consult with the prospective customer before making that determination.


Whether someone needs something is actually very subjective. You might reasonably assert that everyone could benefit from using a particular product or service, but that doesn't mean everyone needs it. I hope you can see the difference.


Okay, once you've asked and answered those questions, you'll be able to accomplish the following:

  • Tailor the design your website or blog to your ideal customer.
  • Create content for your blog or website with them in mind.
  • Gear the tone of your marketing emails and sales letters toward them.
  • Select other places to market your products and services.
  • Determine how to price your products and services.
  • Create additional products and services to market to them.


Does all this mean you will sell only to those who match your ideal customer profile? Of course not. There will always be some people out there who don't fit the profile exactly, but will be interested in what you have to offer. The point is to develop an overall marketing strategy that focuses as keenly as possible on a narrowly defined group of people.


To learn more about how to be more effective in marketing to your email list, contact us online or call 866-757-5100.


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