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Bold Ideas for Improving Your Targeted Landing Page

The purpose of a landing page is to convert visitors into leads. You want their information and they want the offer you are giving out. In order to entice visitors to make this trade, your targeted landing page needs to be optimized, convincing, and exciting. Here are some ideas that you should consider implementing to improve your page’s conversion rate, regardless of how well it’s converting now:

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Turn Your Homepage into a Landing Page (SEO 101)

The company homepage is known for introducing visitors to the website.  It is the first page people go when they are browsing the website.  Landing pages are known for creating results by telling people about something of interest and how to get it.  These targeted landing pages keep it simple and clutter free while sending a clear message.  Companies want to do everything they can to create a growing business.  One idea to try is to combine the homepage and landing page to get the best of both worlds. 


Since the landing homepage is a combination of both it must follow the rules of both.  Landing pages are one page that requires action in a few sentences.  It must remain one page, have readable font, and a button to sign up or a form to fill out.  It has to have the feel of a homepage, so this page must lead to other pages.  A great background image/video and a clean navigation bar is a must.  The image/video is going to be the one that gives the pop to your page so choose one that is going to be visually pleasing to visitors.  The scroll bar must be eliminated to keep eyes on the landing homepage.  The result of the merger must be clean, crisp, simple and lightweight.  An alternative is to use templates that start off as a landing page but acts as a homepage as you scroll down.  This growing trend is a great way to merge both types of pages into one.  PayPal, Delicious and Vimeo's homepages are great examples of this. 


Creating a landing homepage takes the place of maintaining two pages at once.  It will give a pop to homepages that have a high bounce rate.  It will give landing pages a place to connect to the company page without floating in a separate and far away page.  Both will keep visitors on the page longer than a few seconds.  Your website will be better for it.


We work so hard on other parts of the site that the homepage pales in comparison.  It's known for its flashy style that gets users talking.  Make it more than just an eye-pleasing experience.  Use it for conversions, clicks, revenue and creating loyal customers.  Convert your homepage into a landing homepage and witness results.  Drop the separate landing page and merge it closer to your website through the homepage.


If you need help with a redesign of your home page, call the experts at 248-684-0500 or visit us on the web at

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