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Google's Possum Update: What Does It Mean For Your Local Business Results?

First it was penguins, then came pandas, and hummingbirds. Google's next animal-themed ranking update is possum. Google takes great strides to maintain its position as the world's most popular and widely used search engine. This includes updating the algorithm it uses to determine where websites rank and for what keywords. The Mountain View company is believed to make several hundred updates to its search ranking algorithm each year, some of which are minor while others are large.

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What Affects Your Business Showing Up Locally in Google?

If you own or manage a small business, you probably know the importance of achieving a top local search ranking in Google. When someone in or around your city searches for your business's niche, you want your business to appear. So, what are some of the different factors that affect Google's local search listings?

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Are You Getting The Best Local Results? Add The City To Searches

Local search optimization (LSO) has become a hot topic among digital marketers in recent years. As the name suggests, it involves optimizing a website to rank higher in the search results for local-driven searches. If you own a retail clothing boutique in Novi, Michigan for instance, you probably want the majority of your site's visitors to originate from the Novi area to attract more walk-ins. It's also important to note that search results change when the city is either added or left out of the user's search query.

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Getting Your Business Noticed with Local SEO

Search engine optimization, commonly shortened to SEO, can be like playing the lottery when done on a national basis. There is great profit potential, but with so much competition, most who "play" will end up losing. Fortunately, there is a surprisingly easy way to up the odds: Do local SEO instead of national campaigns.

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Is Local Search Optimization The Future of Business?

In as much as web users want to get global information, a good percentage of these people want to know more about local companies. With Local Search Optimization, prospects are able to view the fine details about a business.

Just recently, Google changed the way businesses look on SERPs. (Search engine result pages)  With the new Carousel, Google can reward firms that provide a distance estimate between them and a customer. Users find such information as vital because they can compare among competitors on the basis of such details as location. Similarly, businesses can use this tool to find suppliers. Selecting a firm that is nearby will lead to reduction of transportation overheads and reliability.

Other than this, Local Search Optimization guarantees customers that they are dealing with a genuine firm. There are a lot of fake reviews on the Internet and these can mislead buyers. Unfortunately these fake firms seem just like the real ones.

Businesses need to know which search terms a user is typing in that gets them to web sites they are interested in.  One can use web analytics to find out what these terms are then include them in their website to attract more buyers.

A business that already has an existing website should optimize it for local searches. This can be done by contact details such as the phone number, business name and physical address on the site. Adding maps on the website also helps a great deal along with including the city or town that business is located in on the page descriptions and titles.

When a business is going to optimize their content for local searches, they have to focus on mobile users too. The Daily Egg has said: “in the 8 months prior to December 2012, there was a 21% increase in the number of mobile searches and a 25% increase in the number of mobile users searching for local information.” In order to take advantage of mobile local search optimization, firms should make certain that they have a mobile-friendly website.

The above are some of the tips that any business can use to ensure that they optimize their websites for local searches. Using them guarantees that businesses will get many leads and ultimately expand and increase their income. If you have any questions on local search optimization simply contact us today.

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How To Make Google Maps Work For Your Business.

No doubt you want to take advantage of every opportunity to drive traffic to your business. You've tried all of the traditional forms of advertising, and even set up a website and have done some online marketing. However, there's another source of business that you may be missing, one which will not only bring attention to your company online, but will actually drive customers through your doors. You may be ready to take advantage of marketing with Google Maps.

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Can You Trust Your Directory Submission??

How Directory Submission is like a Trusted Recommendation

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Are You Playing Nice With Google?? Local Search Optimization

If your business relies on local traffic to sustain it, one way you can draw new customers in is by making sure that when they perform a local search for your product or service, your website and contact information is at the top of their list of results. The only way to achieve Local Search Optimization is to prove that you are a valuable source of information in the virtual world.

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What are your Digital Marketing New Year's Resolutions?

Happy New Year!

Were you one of the many people that made a New Year’s resolution?  If so, you’re not alone.  The end of the year is a great time to review your accomplishments and assess the areas in which you fell short.  It’s also a great time to consider what you’d like to accomplish or improve upon in the coming year.
The same is true for your business.  What are your business objectives for 2013?  Do they include any or all of the following?


Increase Web Presence?


Increase Sales and Educate Clients?


Cut Expenses and Monitor Results?

  • Find out how a Voice Over IP phone system and service can save you 50% over traditional analog phone systems.
  • Add Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools to your website and get fresh insights into how visitors use your site, how they arrived on your site, and how you can keep them coming back.
If so, contact your marketing consultant or call (866) 757-5100 to find out how Smart Link Solutions can help you achieve your business results.
Smart Link Solutions has provided cost effective solutions that drive results since 1994. There’s no better time to get started on the projects that will shape the future of your business.
Best wishes for a prosperous 2013!
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SEO Search Engine Marketing - Is Organic Traffic Dying?

'Organic' search results for a web site are natural listings that are a product of search-engine spiders crawling a web site.  These are supposedly the most accurate and natural results, and also technically the most relevent.  Organic results cannot be purchased (although there are quite a few ways out there to try and manipulate them - see below.)

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