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Google's Possum Update: What Does It Mean For Your Local Business Results?

First it was penguins, then came pandas, and hummingbirds. Google's next animal-themed ranking update is possum. Google takes great strides to maintain its position as the world's most popular and widely used search engine. This includes updating the algorithm it uses to determine where websites rank and for what keywords. The Mountain View company is believed to make several hundred updates to its search ranking algorithm each year, some of which are minor while others are large.

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What You Need To Know About Local Listings in Google's 3-Pack

Last year, Google changed the way in which it displays local business listings. The Mountain View company previously displayed 7 local business listings at the top of its search results for local search queries. Now, based off user feedback, Google has limited the listings down to 3.

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What Affects Your Business Showing Up Locally in Google?

If you own or manage a small business, you probably know the importance of achieving a top local search ranking in Google. When someone in or around your city searches for your business's niche, you want your business to appear. So, what are some of the different factors that affect Google's local search listings?

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Are You Getting The Best Local Results? Add The City To Searches

Local search optimization (LSO) has become a hot topic among digital marketers in recent years. As the name suggests, it involves optimizing a website to rank higher in the search results for local-driven searches. If you own a retail clothing boutique in Novi, Michigan for instance, you probably want the majority of your site's visitors to originate from the Novi area to attract more walk-ins. It's also important to note that search results change when the city is either added or left out of the user's search query.

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Benefit Your Small Business with These Local Search Optimization Tips

Local search optimization can be used to attract new customers to your small business. It involves the use of on-page and off-page tactics to encourage higher search rankings for locally driven keywords. If you search for a keyword like “pizza” or “movie showtimes” in Google, for instance, you'll probably see results for local businesses in your area.

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4 Simple Tips To Optimize Your Website for Local Search Traffic

Local Search Optimization (also known as LSO) has become a hot topic among webmasters as of late, and rightfully so. According to Google Think, more than one third of desktop consumers who perform local, geo-specific searches went on to visit the brand's physical store. So if your business relies on local traffic to your website, you should follow the tips below to attract more customers and generate more sales.

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5 Best Practices For Optimizing Your Business Locally For Search Engines

Owners of local businesses should optimize their websites to rank higher for their respective geo-targeted keywords. If you operate a flower delivery service in San Diego, you'll probably focus on search traffic that includes the keyword “San Diego”, such as “order flowers San Diego” or “flower delivery San Diego.” Local search optimization can be confusing, especially if you're new to the SEO game, but we have some tips to help. 

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