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Want To Increase Your Customer Satisfaction? Use Message-On-Hold

What type of “on-hold” system does your business use for its phone lines? When a customer or prospective customers calls your business, you should take this time to connect with him or her through the use of Message-On-Hold (MOH). As the name suggests, this involves the playback of customized, automated messages while the user is on hold. There are several benefits associated with the MOH services, some of which we're going to discuss.

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Jumpstart Your Holiday Marketing with Message on Hold

October is starting to wind down. Halloween is just around the corner, the Thanksgiving holiday is a month away, and the December holidays are a scant 58 days away. Groan… There’s much to accomplish between now and the end of the year! 

For me, fall is a harbinger of the busy, holiday production season that occurs each year in the Message on Hold industry. Everyone in the on-hold marketing “food chain” gears up to produce zillions of special holiday messages for their subscribers’ clients to enjoy between Thanksgiving and the start of the New Year. It’s a big deal in the world of on-hold marketing. 

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Pay Your Dues: Don't Let Copyright Infringement Destroy Your Business

Last week was Friday the Thirteenth.  When it falls on a Friday, the thirteenth, a day like any other day, gains significance.  To some, it’s a series of scary movies.  Others worry that little (and big) disasters may occur throughout the day.  The less superstitious among us treat it just like any other day.  To ASCAP and many of those in the music industry, Friday the Thirteenth is a milestone.  ASCAP celebrated its 101st birthday on Friday, February 13th, 2015! 

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Jazz Up Your On-Hold Marketing for the Holidays

Only 74 days until Christmas!  That tiny little fact fills retailers with glee and leaves many parents gasping for breath in panic. 

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3 Questions to Ask When Matching Overhead Music to Your Business

If you’re not familiar with the term overhead music, you’re not using the official term used to describe the background music that plays in many retail establishments, restaurants, medical and dental offices, and countless other places of business.  Overhead music is used to sooth, relax, engage, entertain, and distract shoppers, diners, patients, and visitors.  The reasons to play overhead music in your place of business are as varied as the music styles and stations available for selection (alt:  from which to choose).

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Add A Little Cheer With A Holiday Message On Hold

Happy October!

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IsYour Message On Hold a "Firecracker" or a "Dud"?

When I think of Independence Day, I think of huge family picnics at the lake; hot, sunny days filled with water skiing, sailing, and pontoon boating (the ultimate party barge); followed by balmy evenings filled with the sights and sounds of fireworks – vibrantly colored sparks of light cascading through dark, starry skies, coos of “ooh” and “ah,” and faint booms.  They’re great memories.  I don’t know about you, but I love this time of year! 

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Hook, Line, and Sinker: On Hold Advertising

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Happy Valentine's Day

When I think of Valentine’s Day, I think of rich, creamy chocolates; tender, romantic cards; the velvety petals of scarlet-colored roses; dreamy, candlelit dinners; Puccini’s great opera, Turandot; and, of course, ads for most of the above.

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What are your Digital Marketing New Year's Resolutions?

Happy New Year!

Were you one of the many people that made a New Year’s resolution?  If so, you’re not alone.  The end of the year is a great time to review your accomplishments and assess the areas in which you fell short.  It’s also a great time to consider what you’d like to accomplish or improve upon in the coming year.
The same is true for your business.  What are your business objectives for 2013?  Do they include any or all of the following?


Increase Web Presence?


Increase Sales and Educate Clients?


Cut Expenses and Monitor Results?

  • Find out how a Voice Over IP phone system and service can save you 50% over traditional analog phone systems.
  • Add Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools to your website and get fresh insights into how visitors use your site, how they arrived on your site, and how you can keep them coming back.
If so, contact your marketing consultant or call (866) 757-5100 to find out how Smart Link Solutions can help you achieve your business results.
Smart Link Solutions has provided cost effective solutions that drive results since 1994. There’s no better time to get started on the projects that will shape the future of your business.
Best wishes for a prosperous 2013!
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