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SSL Encryption Now Affects Google Ranking Factor

Websites that implement Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption will receive a slight boost to their Google search ranking. The Mountain View company announced the use of SSL as a ranking signal last summer, citing “positive results” after performing internal tests.

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Four Benefits of Using Google AdWords To Market Your Business

Anyone who does business online knows how important it is to have their site appear at or near the top of the search engine results page. Advertising with Google AdWords can help with that.

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Start Your New Year Off With More Business: The Benefits of SEO

Maintaining a website is tough. Getting an acceptable amount of visitors is even tougher. Many website owners give up. Others stick it out and find ways to make their website traffic grow. SEO is one of the ways that they are making it happen. SEO, also known as Search Engine Optimization, is the practice of increasing the amount of visitors by landing high rankings on search engines. Even though SEO may seem like a tough practice to master, it is definitely worth the hype. With more businesses using the Internet to increase business, it is imperative this 2015 to get your website optimized for search engines.


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The Importance of User Reviews and How They Affect Local Search Optimization

One of the most important factors of Local Search Engine Optimization (SEO) are user reviews. Local SEO takes the reviews of your business from sites like Yelp and Google+ into account, and it's important to make sure these reviews offer a positive view of your company. In addition, many customers take these reviews into consideration before making a final purchase.

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Using Targeted Landing Pages... the Right Way

Landing pages can be a very effective way to promote and sell your products and services. But they have to be targeted in order to be most effective. And the more laser-targeted they are, the better.


Picture this:

You're online looking for digital camera. You've already narrowed your search for which specific camera you want and settled on theOlympus Tough TG-2 iHS digital camera. Now you just want to find the best deal on one. So you enter "olympus tough tg-2 ihs" in the Google search box. At the top of the search engine results page you see an ad. So you click on it expecting to find your camera. But, instead of a page showing your camera on sale, you land on the homepage for "Fred's Discount Cameras and Accessories."


What's your initial reaction? Frustration? Disappointment? Anger? Whatever it is, it's very likely not happiness. After all, you were looking for a specific camera. You even engaged in a very targeted search that ended up being a waste of time. How likely are you to search through Fred's website to see if he even sells the camera you want? Not very, I suspect.


Let's analyze this...

Fred, the discount camera guy, created a targeted Google Adwords campaign designed to attract people who are interested in the Olympus Tough TG-2 iHS to his website. He set up the campaign to direct those who clicked the ad to his homepage, rather than a page about that specific camera, if he even has on on his site. He probably also created campaigns for several other popular cameras, all directed to the same place - his homepage.


That's a targeted ad campaign, NOT a targeted landing page. But Fred either doesn't know the difference, or doesn't care. Either way, you're not being served. And neither is Fred, really, because he's probably not making as many sales as he'd like.


Let's engage in a little "what if" analysis...

What if Fred had directed you to the page on his site that contained lots of detailed information about the camera you were looking for? THAT'S a targeted landing page.


And what if there were product reviews from users of this camera? And what if Fred had a deal going where you would receive $50.00 worth of accessories if you bought the camera from him? I think the answers are obvious.


So when you consider including targeted landing pages in your online marketing strategy, think beyond just getting people to your website. Think about how you can make their visit as positive an experience as possible because that's how the win/win happens.


If you'd like help with your online marketing strategy, contact us online or call 866-757-5100.


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Is Local Search Optimization The Future of Business?

In as much as web users want to get global information, a good percentage of these people want to know more about local companies. With Local Search Optimization, prospects are able to view the fine details about a business.

Just recently, Google changed the way businesses look on SERPs. (Search engine result pages)  With the new Carousel, Google can reward firms that provide a distance estimate between them and a customer. Users find such information as vital because they can compare among competitors on the basis of such details as location. Similarly, businesses can use this tool to find suppliers. Selecting a firm that is nearby will lead to reduction of transportation overheads and reliability.

Other than this, Local Search Optimization guarantees customers that they are dealing with a genuine firm. There are a lot of fake reviews on the Internet and these can mislead buyers. Unfortunately these fake firms seem just like the real ones.

Businesses need to know which search terms a user is typing in that gets them to web sites they are interested in.  One can use web analytics to find out what these terms are then include them in their website to attract more buyers.

A business that already has an existing website should optimize it for local searches. This can be done by contact details such as the phone number, business name and physical address on the site. Adding maps on the website also helps a great deal along with including the city or town that business is located in on the page descriptions and titles.

When a business is going to optimize their content for local searches, they have to focus on mobile users too. The Daily Egg has said: “in the 8 months prior to December 2012, there was a 21% increase in the number of mobile searches and a 25% increase in the number of mobile users searching for local information.” In order to take advantage of mobile local search optimization, firms should make certain that they have a mobile-friendly website.

The above are some of the tips that any business can use to ensure that they optimize their websites for local searches. Using them guarantees that businesses will get many leads and ultimately expand and increase their income. If you have any questions on local search optimization simply contact us today.

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4 New Features that Make Pay Per Click a MUST!

Pay per click advertising has been around since organic search became the biggest thing, however, there is a huge difference between Pay Per Click traffic and organic traffic. Over the years, this marketing technique has gone through major changes and all small business owners should be on top them. The good news is that pay per click advertising has changed for the better, And in the following aspects:

1. Campaigns can now be targeted for mobile use

When people are searching for goods or services on their smartphones, they often prefer to call a business rather than visit its website. Now you can make it even easier for potential customers to get in touch with you by adding a click to call option when your ads appear on smartphones.   You can even choose to deep link right from your ad to a specific page inside your website, making conversions even easier.

2. Works better with targeted areas

For each ad campaign, you can select locations where your ad will be shown. Then, location targeting allows your ads to appear for people in those locations. This helps you focus your advertising on the areas where you'll find the right customers, and hopefully helps you increase your profits as a result. We suggest you choose the region where your customers live and where your business can serve them.

3. Faster keyword research

The choice of keywords is the be-all and end-all of pay per click campaigns. Finding the ideal keywords is a simple task now with the different tools that online marketers can use.

4. Bidding is improved by Google Analytics

Choosing the perfect keywords is just the start of a webmaster’s pay per click journey. Bidding on them is the most crucial part. One of the best changes of today’s pay per click advertising is the fact that it can cater more to your needs. Manual bidding and automatic bidding methods are in place for users to easily choose which would work best for them.

But despite these changes, pay per click advertising is still a tough world to beat. If you would like to be guided by the experts, contact us and you’ll get to the results that you want fast.

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Are You Playing Nice With Google?? Local Search Optimization

If your business relies on local traffic to sustain it, one way you can draw new customers in is by making sure that when they perform a local search for your product or service, your website and contact information is at the top of their list of results. The only way to achieve Local Search Optimization is to prove that you are a valuable source of information in the virtual world.

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SEO Search Engine Marketing - Is Organic Traffic Dying?

'Organic' search results for a web site are natural listings that are a product of search-engine spiders crawling a web site.  These are supposedly the most accurate and natural results, and also technically the most relevent.  Organic results cannot be purchased (although there are quite a few ways out there to try and manipulate them - see below.)

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Basic Google Maps Optimization

How do you get started with getting your business listed with Google and improve your ranking in Places?  Before doing anything, you have to verify that your business already exists (in Google's eyes) and if not, add it to the Google Places directory.  Go to: and sign in as a business owner.  It's free to create this account. 

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