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Brand Marketing Tip: Aim Toward the Right People

Many business owners view their brand marketing success as purely a numbers game. If they can get their brand image in front of enough people, a certain percentage of those people will eventually buy something. So they try to determine what percentage of people who are exposed to their product actually do buy. Once they're comfortable with that determination, they set about doing whatever they can to get their brand image in front of enough people to make enough sales to turn the desired profit.

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Small Business Marketing on a Shoe String Budget

When running a small business, you don't have the financial resources for marketing and advertising like huge companies have. So you need to be resourceful and creative to market your business on a tight budget. We will discuss 4 tips for doing this:

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Virtual Tours: A Valuable Marketing Tool

At one time computers were the future but now they are the present.

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Using Social Media to Increase Your Website Traffic and Sales

Social media marketing is flexible enough that it allows businesses to be creative in the way they use it. Some businesses will use social media marketing to communicate with customers or advertise a new product or service. Others will use social media to increase their market reach and expand their target audience. Businesses that are focused on sales, however, have found a use of social media that has the most direct impact on their sales.

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Search Engine Optimization Begins With a Good Web Design

Search Engine Optimizataion (SEO) is a long drawn out term that could be more easily stated as a way of presenting and promoting a website in such a manner that major search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc. will show and rank the website's content on the first or second page of the search results.

Most people who use the internet will normally use a search engine as their first point of research, so it just makes sense that good SEO is critical to a successful website. Whether you are designing your own website or having it designed by a web design service, there are some general concepts of SEO that could be very important to you.

SEO actually begins with the domain name for your website. The domain name can be very attractive to search engines and you certainly want people to know your name and be able to remember it. Here are some very basic ideas to be considered in choosing a name for your website:

Don't Hurry
Take a few minutes to write down several words or phrases that best describe the main goal of your business or website. Now start trimming them down and think about what people will enter in the search box to find your site. It is a good idea to search for some keywords relating to your business and notice the domain names appearing on the first page of the search results.

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What Makes Mobile Pay Per Click Different?

Mobile Pay per click is a separate ballgame.  It's different because there are different people to target, different strategies to use and different ways to figure out results of the campaign.  It's easy to get frustrated, and once you get the foundation the sales aren't far behind.  Here are the fundamentals of mobile pay per click.

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Why Marketers Should Relate Social Media Marketing to Storytelling

While social media has become a very popular tool for marketers, many companies that practice social media marketing simply aren't doing it right. Think about the best social media marketing campaign you know or your favorite company-controlled social media account, and then consider how that company differentiated itself from all the other unmemorable ones.

A common mistake that companies make in social media marketing is not having a constant theme to their posts. This may be because too many people have access to the account, or because a strategy was never discusses in the first place. But for whatever reason, many companies switch too often from a light-hearted tone, to a professional tone, to a humorous tone, to the point where there is no consistency in the marketing campaign.

A recent Forbes article discusses this common mistake and how companies can avoid it by thinking of :

“There are lots of companies that tweet left and right. Nut you have to do it with authenticity. If more than one person is tweeting for your company, it’s important that you have alignment and consistency in your story. So before you even go online, understand what your message is. Have a conversation about the story you want to tell and the values you’re trying to project.”

A social media account is a great way to establish your brand reputation and associate your brand with a certain style or personality, but doing so requires a cohesive strategy first. And the article suggests that a great way to add cohesiveness to a social media marketing campaign is to relate it to a storytelling process.

Another way that social media marketing is like storytelling is that it does not come easy; even for the best authors, it takes years for them to improve as writers and tell the best story. Similarly, it takes time for marketers to understand how to manage a social media account, particularly what their customers want to see and what they respond to.

Storytelling is one way to add cohesiveness to your social media marketing campaign. If you're interested in social media marketing, contact us.


Need more advice about boosting your Social Media presence? Call us today!


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A Beginner's Guide to Successful Mobile Web Design

You may have read here and elsewhere about the growing impact of the mobile segment and how critical it is to have a mobile optimized website. Perhaps you are already convinced but the prospect of making changes to your current site, both in time and money may be keeping you from making a decision. If so, the following information should help you realize that changes to your main site are minimal and that development costs may not be as high as you think.

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Is Your Web Design Due For A Makeover?

A business website with the proper web design can allow your business to remain open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year - and you will even get an extra day in a leap year.  Most business owners have realized the need for an effective web presence to not only promote their products or services, but also to present the personality of the business.

So, with the millions of websites on the internet, what is it that makes some stand out more than others?  The answer is actually quite simple, the difference is in the expertise of the web designer.  Have you ever viewed a website and wondered just why it was even there?  There are many, many websites and blogs whose visual appearance is appalling, yet when you search for a particular topic on Google, some of these sites are ranked at the top of the list.  Here are some reasons why one website will rank above another:

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Increase Website Sales by 35% or More With Video Ads

Consider these statistics:

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